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3D laser transfer production
The 3D laser transfer product is processed into a 3D magic color effect by 3D laser transfer processing to greatly increase the added value of the shoe material process, and change the surface texture of the workpiece to achieve a real aesthetic effect. The pattern is clear and vivid, the color is vivid, the adhesion is strong, it meets the environmental protection safety standards, it is safe and non-toxic, the production cycle is short, the aging resistance, the wear resistance, the yellowing resistance, the high and low temperature resistance test, and the 3D laser turn as the people demand the product decoration The more you should print, the more extensive it will be.
3D laser transfer is suitable for TPU, EVA, PC, ABS, rubber, nylon, metal and other materials. Applicable shoes include: football shoes outsole, beach shoes, sports shoes outsole, casual shoes back cover, drag shoes, sandals, shoe trims, etc.