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Bronzing and thermal transfer process

Thermal transfer process
1, round pressure flat hot way:
Round pressure flat stamping method is actually the plane heat transfer process principle. The plane heat transfer machine is mainly for the plane substrate and the surface of a large surface transfer. Can be carried out round pressure transfer products are mainly in the following forms: the need to transfer the entire surface of the product. Household appliances panel, cosmetic box one side, plastic gift box or wooden jewelry box on the surface, toy puzzle board, plastic decorative murals, table showcase, fan, PVC plastic plate, snowboard, plastic poster. Through the design of the floating platform on the table, round pressure flat stamping machine can transfer the shape of the more complex special products. This type of thermal transfer machine is representative of the KC-H-150M and KC-H-300M, we usually put the printing device for the roller conveyor to become a thermal transfer machine.
2, round pressure round hot stamping way:
Is the cylinder heat transfer machine process principle, in order to achieve a multi-purpose machine, the vast majority of the bronzing machine manufacturing plant will be a plane heat transfer machine and round thermal transfer machine function together to achieve the flat surface of the dual function The When the plane transfer, the roller under pressure and rotation, the table in the left and right direction of the move; when the surface transfer, so that the worktable still, only the roller and round products occur pure rolling mutual effect.
u hollow plastic bottles: one is relatively hard, can withstand the pressure of the roller, so that the bottle can be transferred, but there must be axial positioning measures can be, the other is relatively soft, such products must Inflatable to carry out the transfer.
U plastic hose
Toothpaste, facial cleanser, hand cream, cleanser, etc., the opening of such products and the bottle as large, you can support the support of the shaft to facilitate the product for the transfer.
U cup products
Cup products similar to the hose, the openings are generally larger than the bottle, the production of support shaft is more convenient, cup products using the largest transfer process.
Bronzing process
3, flat pressure flat stamping method:
Plane bronzing machine model: in a certain part of the plane hot stamping text and trademark. Such as: VCD panel. Flat bronzing machine action is relatively simple, just hot plate to perform up and down action. KC-HM-TC series of manual flat bronzing machine, KC-H-TC series of pneumatic flat bronzing machine.
4, flat pressure round stamping method:
Can achieve the round face of the bronzing. Such as: plastic caps, ball pens, hoses, glass bottles, circular dial, golf clubs, skin care products, plastic boxes, food plastic box packaging. KC-H-TC50K, KC-H-TC70K KC-H-TC100K is a typical surface bronzing machine.
Imitation transfer process
Many products are not standard flat or standard round, and some even have a very complex surface, in the surface of these products for bronzing, the need for imitation transfer technology: KC-H-TC120KM is a table floating type of imitation KC-H-TC318M is a roller-type floating type of profiling bronzing machine, the roller can be along the product of the product can be used to make the hot stamping machine, The contours are floated to complete the bronzing.