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How the heat transfer is produced

Modern science and technology is constantly improving, no matter what kind of product industry will be used in the heat transfer, thermal transfer is generated when it? What kind of market?
China's infusion packaging materials with glass containers have been gradually transition to the flexible packaging materials, with the third generation of non-PVC packaging materials, the rapid development of packaging bags, making the amount of PVC and non-PVC infusion bag surge. According to incomplete statistics, only a PVC China has a gap of 3 billion, the market capacity and great potential. But for a long time, apply to PVC and non-PVC infusion bags of thermal transfer products rely on imports, prices remain high, and the domestic manufacturers are not yet the scale of production, we can see, the development of such products, as soon as possible on the market, Import is imperative, this will not only bring considerable economic benefits to the enterprise, but also for the country to save foreign exchange, bring good social benefits.
At present, China's annual demand for infusion products using soft bags (PVC, non-PVC) packaging accounted for 4.7%, while in the United States and other developed countries accounted for more than 95%. With the improvement of people's safety awareness, this proportion is also rising, and thermal transfer as infusion bag supplies also has a very broad market space.
Now the thermal transfer technology is more convenient and reliable, and under certain circumstances to maintain stability, enhance the technical performance of products, so that the picture is more clear, so that the rapid improvement of efficiency.