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Method of operation of thermal transfer equipment

Thermal transfer equipment operating instructions:
1, plug the power, turn on the power switch, power indicator light immediately.
2, adjust the thermostat to the required temperature, until the temperature reaches the set temperature, the upper part of the thermostat instructions off, then you can start working.
3, the time controller to adjust to the required time.
4, the clothes flat on the next hot plate, and then put on the hot paper (note the front and back of the hot paper), the handle force down to the end, until the end. CAUTION: Do not exceed 30 kg, otherwise it may cause the handle to deform.
5, when the instructions of the time stamp time controller to the time, the buzzer sound, the handle is about to lift up to the original position.
Operation of thermal transfer equipment Note:
1, the pressure: If the pressure is not enough or too large, adjustable after the school regulator knob, to the clockwise direction that increase the pressure, otherwise, then reduce the pressure.
2, time: when the stamping time to reach the buzzer does not ring or keep ringing, if not appropriate, you must adjust to the appropriate location.
3, the temperature: When the temperature reaches the temperature, the thermostat pointer refers to the "180 ℃" position (about 5 minutes to reach), such as the boot thermometer rise and the heating plate does not heat, please check the circuit.
4, when the handle down to the end of the pressure, the hand away and the handle automatically to rise, please adjust the knob to adjust down.
5, when the hot stamping is completed, handle up and feel difficult, you can adjust the adjustment knob down.