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Operating instructions for surface heat transfer machines

1, plug the power, turn on the power switch, power indicator light immediately.
2, adjust the thermostat to the required temperature, until the temperature reaches the set temperature, the upper part of the thermostat instructions off, then you can start working.
3, the time controller to adjust to the required time.
4, the clothes flat on the next hot plate, and then put on the hot paper (note the front and back of the hot paper), the handle force down to the end, until the end. CAUTION: Do not exceed 30 kg, otherwise it may cause the handle to deform.
5, when the instructions of the time stamp time controller to the time, the buzzer sound, the handle is about to lift up to the original position.
1, the pressure: If the pressure is not enough or too large, adjustable after the school regulator knob, to the clockwise direction that increase the pressure; the other hand, then reduce the pressure;
2, time: when the stamping time to reach the buzzer does not ring or keep ringing, if not appropriate, you must adjust to the appropriate location;
3, the temperature: When the temperature reaches the temperature, the thermostat pointer refers to the "180 ℃" position (about 5 minutes to reach), such as the boot thermometer rise and the heating plate does not heat, please check the circuit.
4, when the handle down to the end of the pressure, the hand away and the handle automatically to rise, please adjust the knob to adjust down.
5, when the hot stamping is completed, handle up and feel difficult, you can adjust the adjustment knob down.
Laser transfer film products is how to produce
No matter what effect of laser transfer film and laser transfer paper, in the production are inseparable from the ring system of laser molded version, pressure laser picture, coating, cutting, transfer, ripening and other processes.
Production of laser transfer film
1, the system of laser molded version of the laser molded version of the laser transfer film is the core of the production process. It can be said that the laser molding version of the casting level determines the laser transfer film production quality. Casting laser molding and printing process in the plate is completely different requirements are not the same. Laser molded version of the use of special metal foil made by a special electroforming, plate with both a strong hardness and flexibility reported in the high temperature baking can not be deformed, and observed under the magnifying glass can not see the layout of any tiny defect. Therefore, the laser molding version of the casting quality requirements are very harsh, plate is also very expensive, a high-strength imported laser molded version of the value of more than one million yuan. The use of laser molded version also requires very careful layoffs, in the rub version, maintenance can not have any small collision, can not have oil, water splashed on the laser molded version; otherwise it will lead to product scrapped.
2, coated general laser transfer film price There are two kinds of materials, one is OPP, one is PET, the former can be directly on the pressure of the laser card printing, the latter not work. If you want to pressure in the PET base film on the laser, we must first in the PET base film coated with very thin special coating, and then pressure laser map. Coating special coating should not only ensure the appropriate viscosity, but also to master the amount of coating. Coating process should be all in the sealed, clean, constant temperature, humidity environment.
3, the pressure laser photo pressure laser map of the principle is at high temperatures will be laser pressure molded version directly on the film substrate or special coating, the formation of uneven, different sizes of light refraction point detection system and equipment, light, Diffuse reflection of different wavelengths of light will make laser transfer film showing rainbow light. Founder of the three elements. If these three elements are not precise enough, they will produce serious defects such as color, dark spots, white spots, watermarks, folds, clouds, pits, laser illustrations and beam deformations, and tension instability. The future of printing to bring trouble, and even make the laser transfer film can not be put into the printing production.
4, the vacuum spray to complete the implementation of pressure laser after the purchase, if you want to achieve the effect of metal on the need to press the laser map on a layer of metal foil, where the main use of vacuum aluminum machine will be different wire through The strong current is atomized in a vacuum vessel and is covered on a pressure-sensitive laser transfer film. Spraying can be aluminum, chrome, nickel, copper, iron, etc., can be plated matte finish, light mirror and other effects. Vacuum spraying effect depends on the metal material used.