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How to do a good job of electroplating metal plastic products

Although the rise of emerging transfer processes such as in-mold labeling, in-mold transfer, vacuum transfer, sublimation, and water transfer has a greater impact on traditional thermal transfer processes, the use of conventional thermal transfer processes Is still a faction of the scene, in the cosmetics, toys, electrical appliances, household building materials, stationery, gifts, jewelry, daily necessities and other areas of application is too numerous to mention, especially in the cylindrical, tapered, curved surface shape of the workpiece, such as lipstick Shell, refill, finger snowboard, conical shade and other product areas, the traditional thermal transfer is to show its irreplaceable side. Even a flat object, you can carry out a lot of printing process, but the traditional thermal transfer can still reflect the advantages in many areas.
The first point is high efficiency
In the case of cube, cube has six planes. If you use other types of printing technology, there must be a process of waiting for drying or natural drying. In this process, it is necessary to store some of these process products. And thermal transfer is different, can be continuous printing, no drying, printing can be done after the completion of packaging, production sites have been greatly reduced production efficiency has been greatly improved.
The second point is rich in color
Or the cube as an example, the traditional cube pattern every plane only a single color, color and pattern are more monotonous. And the traditional thermal transfer is different, because the pattern is printed on the PET thermal transfer base film, the color of the pattern can be almost unrestricted to be reproduced, all kinds of flowers and trees, such as landscape figures can be transferred to the cube Above, greatly enhanced the aesthetic appearance of the Rubik's cube and product added value.
The third point is environmental protection
Traditional thermal transfer film, whether it is the base film or the choice of printing ink, from the layer, Beijiao and many other materials, can be detected by domestic and foreign environmental testing (BV, SGS, etc.). In the production process, the thermal transfer in the noise pollution is very low, in the sewage, waste gas pollution is almost zero, which is the traditional thermal transfer process is popular and different from other types of printing one of the reasons The
The fourth point is the combination of rich
The fourth point is the most important point is that the traditional thermal transfer process is more abundant, in addition to the process is relatively simple ordinary thermal transfer, you can also refine the product process portfolio, forming a high trimming, pro-UV, resistant to cooking Anti-winding, anti-ethanol, high hardness, high wear resistance, matte, local aluminum, local laser, transparent laser, metal texture, etc. thermal transfer process combination. Suitable for plastic, wood, leather, metal parts of the high-end surface decoration.
In addition, with the traditional thermal transfer process technology continues to optimize, but also led the traditional thermal transfer machine technology has been rapid development, many transfer of high degree of transfer of thermal transfer workpieces were able to achieve transfer, such as conical , Curved surface, arc triangular, less curvature of the S-plane and other difficult parts of the workpiece, can achieve transfer, so gave birth to a swing arm heat transfer machine, taper heat transfer machine, Printing machine, surface heat transfer machine and a variety of different functions of the tooling components and fixtures, derived from a lot of hot stamping function to meet the needs of a variety of different shapes of workpiece transfer.
So, on the current situation, the other transfer technology is very difficult to shake to the traditional thermal transfer process status, more of a traditional thermal transfer technology is a supplement, rather than a fundamental alternative.